Internship & Training


Level 1

We are always approachable and ready to teach new skills to students who are interested in joining us. We are based in Belgium and offer remote work but we are still strongly connected with each other. That’s why we have designed a training and internship course for students who wish to master frontend technologies and also gain some experience in E-commerce(shopify). The training period is of 3-4 months.

Internship Guidelines:

  • During the internship period, you’ll have training on the weekends. Predefined tasks which you will have to do during the weekdays. Timings and details will be provided later. The goal of tasks would be for you to eventually be able to build your own shopify stores.
  • We want to find people who are willing to solve problems on their own. People who are capable of doing a little research on the problems that they are confronted with, showing that they are interested in solving the problem at hand.
  • Obviously, the level of the “tasks” grows more and more complex. It ranges from “easy” and gradually increases in difficulty to “advanced”. When you are constantly able to do “Advanced” level tasks you are ready to become a full fledged employee of the company. Again, feedback will be given on how to make the task perfect.
  • You will receive 120€( 10,000₹ approx. depending on the market conversion) stipend every month of your training period and an internship certificate at the end.
  • The code you write for your training tasks can be shown on your portfolio and you can use it for your own projects but you can’t sell it or implement it in any other organisation without our prior permission. It is very important that you understand that we retain full ownership of any code written/submitted while in training. These are just overview guidelines you’ll get the full details in our internship agreement.

Turning Employee

Level 2

What next after the internship? We are a growing company and want to take on as much talent as possible. If you perform well through your internship, we’ll be happy to make you a full-time employee. In this stage you are given a real project that you get to tackle head on. Bombay studio strives to give their clients the best service and aims to go above and beyond to help them improve their business and all our employees must share the same mindset. We have already worked on lots of projects and thus have built out an extensive knowledge base that you can consult and reference. Next to that our senior level employees and managers are always ready to guide you whenever you face a hurdle that requires some help to scale.

Fresher - Employee Guidelines:

  • Employees are paid based on the tasks and hours assigned to the tasks. Tasks are small chunks of work that are easy to track and manage. All the “tasks” together form the “project”.
  • Every employee is given at least € 600 worth of tasks per month. If Bombay fails to assign tasks worth € 600 and the employee has completed all its tasks on time then € 600 is paid to the employee anyway. Employees also have a chance to make much more than € 600 if they perform because if this is the case they are shifted to bigger projects. In these projects the stakes will be higher but so will be the rewards.
  • For the first two years 40% salary will be retained by Bombay. The retained part will be partially released after having completed 1 year of working with Bombay. On top of the release of retained funds you’ll get a 15% bonus on completion of that 1 year. The rest of the retained amount will be released after having worked 2 years for Bombay. Again, a 15% bonus will be given on top of the retained amount. After 2 years there won’t be any salary retainments anymore and you’ll just get your full salary every single month! As an example to make everything as transparent as possible: Your wage is € 600 / month. We retain 40% of that amount meaning you get € 360 cas, paid out each month. Meaning that we hold € 240 every month. At the end of year one that amounts to 12 * € 240 = € 2880. If we add the 15% bonus on top of that € 2880 * 1,15 = € 3312. 50% of this amount will be paid out on the day you’ll receive your 12th salary. Meaning that date you’ll get € 360 + € 1656 = € 2016. The rest of the retained amount will be paid out after having worked 24 months for Bombay. This means that you get the following amount on your 24th salary € 360 + € 1656 (from your first year’s retainments) + € 3312 (second year retainments + 15%) = € 5328 on that day. It is important that you understand why we retain salary for certain period, Because we don’t have bond for our employees and we want them to do a job they love & can grow, which we strive to provide. At the same time we need to take care of our attrition rates.
  • On before time delivery you will get a 5% bonus on task payment, and on delayed delivery depending on how long it took you will get deducted 5% upto to 20% and along with 20% deduction you will get a warning. Never decline tasks, only on leave or for serious emergencies you can decline tasks. But intentionally declining or purposefully not doing tasks will result in a warning and after 3 such warnings you will be terminated and the retained money with us will not be released.

rules are subject to change without prior notice and by starting as a trainee you have read all the guidelines above and agreed to them.

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