We start, buy & invest in online brands that we love.

We love like working in e-commerce. It brings technology, products and people together in a really interesting way.

Do you have an idea but no funds? Want to scale your business but don’t have the cash to invest?

We might be able to help! Tell us your story, show us your product. If we love it as much as you do, we have a deal!

Why do business with us?We know our stuff, we've been there ourselfs

We’ve started several brands in the last years. And to be honest we adore it.

Love the market and product, launch, measure, adjust and repeat. You need to stay agile in this type of fast moving business.

We have already been through a couple of deals before and thus know what to look out for.
For us, working together with people you trust and fundamentally "click" with is key.

There must be that initial, good old gut feeling that just feels right. This drives us forward and helps us thrive.

We will not seek to overthrow your current operations nor are we looking to put in new managers.
We are a small team and we want to keep it that way. We want to keep moving fast.

Expect fast, concrete and honest answers from us.

Because we want to move fast we are not looking for complicated deal structures. Simple straightforward offers are what we aim for.
Let’s connect

What are we looking for?Let’s get it right from the start

We buy or invest in wonderfull, digitally native businesses.

Our sweet spot are brands with a compelling product market fit that are intending to scale internationally.

We like to support a passionate team of founders that we can guide with our experience but can also learn from!
We mostly look at businesses with a revenue north of €15k a month that already turns a profit.

Become a scoutWe’ll make it worth your while

Know someone we should talk to and you wouldn't mind earning an extra dime?

Contact us and hook us up. We’ll tell you within a few business days if we’re interested.

If we end up investing in the company, you’ll get your fair share(s).

Pinky promise!