Shopify Job opening


There are two parts to this interview:

Fill out the interview form from the link given below.

Simple website “block” implementation test

  • Create a shopify partner account if you don’t have one already.
  • Add a development/testing store where you have to build a section.
  • Create a new section “testimonials” based on the design given below you can check the spec tab in the XD to check all the fonts used, style information, spacing, copy text and download any asset images.
  • The section should be customisable in the following way: we can add testimonial blocks from the customise menu. testimonial blocks
  • Each block should have two editable fields for body and name testimonial blocks 2
  • Design wise the testimonials should be a carousel when clicking the right/left arrows next/previous testimonials should slide in.(My suggestion is to use slick slider)
  • All the css for this section should be written by you.
  • After the completion of this task you’ll have to add me to your development store with proper permissions so that I can verify your work. (Settings>Account>Staff account). I’m Mihir Dave,
  • You can email me at the same address if you have any doubts regarding the test.

So please make sure you complete both the tests before that and Email me after completion so I can verify.

If we are happy with your work we’ll contact you on your email address given in part 1 of interview. All the best.

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