Experienced, full-stack
e-commerce partner.

Let's zoom outUnderstanding your business

You cannot set yourself up for high growth without really thoroughly understanding your business. What are you aiming at in the long run? What are the market mechanisms at play?

We discuss these important questions with you to explore what the next years of high growth should look like.

Design & developmentBuilding your online infrastructure

Online brands thrive because of unique products and a clear vision. They need to be supported by well built, robust and beautiful digital interfaces.

We do everything from a single store to international multi-language, multi-currency and omnichannel stores.

We like building on Shopify, Lightspeed and Magento depending on your needs.
1. Design
This is a very important phase that is frustratingly undervalued. It is key in creating what the customer wants, in making sure what the early strategy is and could be tested in the future.
2. Develop
In this stage we find the best possible technical implementation to make sure your site is not only a joy to look at but also responsive, fast, safe and interactive.
3. Improve
We help you launch the thing but also track how it performs and what we could do in the future to make it even better.

Agility is key in this fast paced world we currently live in.

Deeply integrateCreating a robust platform layer

A flashy website is cool, but what's even cooler is having automated processes in place that handle the repetitive work. So you can focus on building your business. As e-commerce entrepeneurs we have felt the pain of badly integrated systems and will do everything to prevent this.

We will focus really hard on this aspect as we believe a brand is only as powerful as it's operational excellence.
Managing your enterprise’s resources efficiently is one of the key areas of focus. Maintaining healthy stock levels of all your SKU's and managing your back orders is of major importance.
Every company is focussed on creating the best possible bond with their customers. This can only be done with a powerful CRM tool that is perfectly integrated with all the other parts of your business.
Business intelligence
We help you set up a system so that you can convert your data into knowledge. Connect the dots and become the great capital allocator you should be but now can’t be.
Every business needs to keep track of its invoices, the VAT payable and receivable, especially when selling across the EU.