We are Bombay.

It all started in 2015 when a group of friends launched their first e-commerce business. A direct-to-consumer ergonomic furniture brand.

We scaled the product and business in Europe and after a couple of years partnered up with Fully, an American B-Corp. We had so much fun together they decided to acquire us. After the acquisition we launched and grew the Fully brand throughout Europe from €100k + to a couple of million a month.

During that period several smaller brands started to contact us to ask if we couldn’t help them scale as well. Bombay was born.
Bombay's remote team of experts

Our CultureStrange but charming

To make a good product, you have to collaborate with a lot of people, each with their own expertise. We want this to run as smoothly as possible so we choose our team and clients carefully. Our communication is honest and to the point. There should be trust going both ways to build something bigger.
In the end we want to build sustainable businesses. Without profit impact will always be limited. That's why we'll look at the numbers before building.

We love beautiful products, we are drawn to them. If we build a brand for your beautiful product it’s going to be a mix of smart UX and beautiful UI. User experience is important but a good design isn’t everything. Without a beautiful UI, UX will always fail.
We'd like to think we will be doing this until the day we die. Having fun is key or we won't last a week.

Want to hear about us from time to time? We send out an short update every 3 months about our business and what we learned.