but different.

Fully8-figure revenue/y in less than 3 years

Jaswig adjustable standing desk
In 2015 we started a direct-to-consumer brand focussed on delivering high quality ergonomic furniture called Jaswig.

In 2018 Fully, a North American brand in the same sector, acquired us. In the years following we were responsible to bring the Fully brand to Europe. We went from shipping one order to thousands.

Your boots on the groundExperienced and flexible

Companies thrive because of great people, unique products and a strong brand serving a clearly defined niche.

When we met Fully we simply knew it was such a company. We were lucky enough to receive this opportunity and we would love to do it again.

We are looking for brands that have a strong online presence and a great product that would do well in Europe.
Market research
Is there a European market? How big is it? What regulations are applicable? What is the online presence of similar products? Does the product need to be altered to be sold in Europe (power plugs, voltages, regulations, etc.)?
European website
We have in-house developers and marketeers that are experienced in setting up stores tailored to the European market with GDPR, VAT, different currencies and languages.
The core of the business might be similar but how it operates in Europe can be very different. We can help you find people, set up a company and run operations because of our past experience. We've build an extensive network of partners over the years that will help you grow and scale in Europe.